King's Quest II: Romancing the Throne, de Sierra On-Line (première édition pour Atari ST, 1987)

King's Quest II: Romancing the Throne, de Sierra On-Line (première édition pour Atari ST, 1987)

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King’s Quest II, de Roberta Williams, est le deuxième titre d’aventure point’n click de la série qui a fait la renommée de Sierra. Publié en 1985 pour PC CGA, il a été adapté sur Atari ST en 1987. Sur cette plateforme, il bénéficie de graphismes plus colorés et plus fins.

You are King Graham, a former knight in the service of Daventry. In your
previous adventure, you found three lost treasures of Daventry and thus
restored the kingdom to its glory of old. In the process, you became king, and
the people of Daventry have lived happily and prospered ever since. As of
recently, you've come to reexamine your life and what you are doing as king.
One day, your minister comes to you to talk about the day's plans and you find
yourself constantly losing your train of thought. Your minister recommends that
you may be lonely, and should take a wife. He recommends that you "reflect" on
your life. Suddenly, the Magic Mirror, one of Daventry's three treasures,
begins to glow. You walk up to it, and gaze into it. You see a vision of the
land called Kolyma, and suddenly, a vision of an alternate reality: an island
with purple trees, with a tower in the middle of it. At the top of this tower,
you see a stunning maiden, who is obviously held in the tower against her will.
Your minister snaps you out of the vision, and you tell him to prepare a ship
for Kolyma. If you come back safely, you plan to have a bride with you. And so
you brandish your king's sword, remove your crown, and place atop your head
your old blue cap. Thus begins the start of another King's Quest.
Meanwhile...In some cave deep in Kolyma, a warty, green, ugly witch looks into
a crystal ball, speaking to an unknown voice. Soon, it is revealed that you are
coming to Kolyma to stick your neck out to find a bride. The figure asks the
witch, Hagatha, to do only one thing. Sever it.''

 --David Schultz, 2005.

Jeu disponible en version américaine (en Anglais) pour ordinateurs Atari ST, STf et STe, comprenant : une grande boîte cartonnée sous étui pelliculé illustré en couleurs, 2 disquettes SD au format 3,5’’, le livret d'instructions imprimé en couleurs, la carte d'enregistrement du produit, le récapitulatif des commandes et les instructions d'installation. Très bon état.

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